New Lighting Technology
  1. Pixel-Free LED Trim For Retail Displays

    The all-new Pixel-Free LED Trim is a brilliant lighting source for retail displays due to the beautiful light output, even light distribution, vibrant colors and flexible nature
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  2. The History and Differences Between LED Strip Lighting And Laser Wire®

    The first light-emitting diode and laser diode was introduced in the early 1960s. Since then, both lighting technologies have come a long way in efficiency, practicality, and brightness.

    LED Strip lighting has been commercially available for over 15 years, while Laser Wire® has been only on the market just over three years...
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  3. Pixel-Free LED - A Hybrid Neon Alternative

    While we love the look of Neon, many of the other aspects of Neon make it unsuitable for our use. At Ellumiglow, we pride ourselves on advanced lighting technologies that have a positive impact on the environment.
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  4. Meet VynEL™ :: Flexible, Sewable, Washable Illuminating Lighting Technology

    Looking to make the next great product? Make sure it includes VynEL! The material properties of VynEL make it the only one of its kind, and allows you to Add Light. Anywhere. Whether manufacturing illuminated outerwear or light up sporting goods...

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  5. VynEL™ Custom Panel Shapes and Applications

    At first glance Electroluminescent Wire and Laser Wire™ Cabling may seem to be similar technologies. They are both different forms of accent lighting technology and can be used for a variety of applications such as clothing and costuming, signage, safety, event and retail lighting. 

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  6. VynEL™ Custom Panel Shapes and Applications

    VynEL™ by Ellumiglow, is a flexible, washable, sew-able EL panel light strip that is easy to integrate into wearables, textiles, automotive interiors (and even exteriors), sportswear and athletic apparel, and more. VynEL™ got it’s name due to...

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  7. VynEL™ Now Available For Purchase

    The worldwide release of the much anticipated integrateable light is here. VynEL™ is now available for purchase! Check back to our education center over the next few weeks 

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