SewGlo™ Illuminated Thread

We are excited to announce the worldwide premier of a revolutionary product for the wearables industry. Meet SewGlo™ Illuminated Thread! SewGlo™ fiber is a brand new type of lighting that is so versatile, it can literally be used on EVERYTHING; Shirts, hats, jackets, pants, bags, costumes, sporting goods, automotive, aerospace, stage performances, props, film, quilting... You name it!

What is SewGlo™ Thread? 
SewGlo™ wire is a 1:1 replacement to regular thread. It looks and feels just like thread, measuring only about 300um (0.3mm) in DIA. It's EXTREMELY flexible (the most flexible product we make), easy to use, and allows you to create a lit accent to anything you see fit. Anything you typically use thread for can now have a SewGlo™ Illuminated Thread replacement. 

How Can I Use SewGlo™ Lighting In A Wearable?
 Whether hand or machine stitching, bring your favorite designs or ideas to the table and prepare to be amazed! Embroidery? Yes please! Simply create one-of-a-kind lit logos on corporate apparel, or unique rave or club wear. Want to start a business or enhance your existing business making light up clothes? SewGlo™ Electroluminescent Thread is hands down the best and only product to use. Finally, a high volume, mass production scale lit fiber that can be used by common sewing machines is available for your use today. For volume inquiries, please use our Project Submission Page and tell us about your project.
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