VynEL™ by Future Illuminations, is a flexible, washable, sew-able EL panel light strip that is easy to integrate into wearables, textiles, automotive interiors (and even exteriors), sportswear and athletic apparel, and more. VynEL™ got it’s name due to the physical consistency of the lighting element itself - it is much more flexible than traditional EL panels (and up to two times the brightness), decreasing irritation and inflexibility when using traditional EL technology.
    Currently VynEL™ is offered in a few different shapes and sizes off the shelf, ready to purchase directly from Ellumiglow. The current offerings allow the end user an easy way to get started into integrating light into objects and surfaces that typically do not emit light on their own. Ordering one of the off the shelf products also allows users to prototype and experiment with the product before creating a custom VynEL™ lighting element.
    This new and versatile lighting element can be tailored to fit your projects needs. Our graphic design team can work with either raster or vector graphic image files to create custom branding, logos, shapes, or even automotive wrap - ready VynEL™ panels. Full color printing and multi-field panel animation is also possible with this illumination technology. 
For more information or a free estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us!

VynEL shown in custom shapes

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