Parallel EL Tape

Like our Parallel EL Panels, our Parallel EL Tapes come with EZ Snap connectors so you can plug right into any of our wide range of EL Wire inverters. You can cut our Parallel EL Tape to any length you want, see cutting EL Tape.  This makes our EL Tape great for costumes, accent lighting and more. EL Tape is extremely energy efficient, and lasts a long time (about 5,000-7,000 hours).  If you are interested in designing your own custom panel, feel free to send us an email at Custom animations, multiple colors, and any size or shape you desire can be created by our design team for your business or project.

Some features of Parallel EL Tape at a glance:

  • Complete, Uniform Illumination Across the Surface
  • Extremely Thin - Approximately 0.025"
  • Durable - Makes it perfect for architectural accents, signage and more
  • Bright - The Brightest EL Method Possible - So Bright You Can Read A Book From it
  • Length - Very Long Lengths Available (Up To 300')
  • Long Life - Ranges 5,000-7,000 Hours Depending On Voltage
  • Eco-Friendly - No Harmful Chemicals In The Manufacturing Process - Makes EL Panels Landfill-Friendly
  • Energy Efficient - Electroluminescent Technology The Least Expensive Lighting Source On The Planet
  • No-Heat - World's Only No Heat Lighting Technology
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