Looking to make the next great product? Make sure it includes VynEL! The material properties of VynEL make it the only one of its kind, and allows you to Add Light. Anywhere. Whether manufacturing illuminated outerwear or light up sporting goods, VynEL can be your answer. The unique flexing properties make these panels seem more like a piece of fabric than a next generation lighting element. Combine a sewable and heat bondable Filament fabric wire for a seamless way to add wiring to a garment without ever noticing it’s there! We’ve also partnered with the largest no-sew glue manufacturer to bring a complete solution to the wearables market. Now you can have integrated light in nearly any form. VynEL can be custom made into virtually any shape, size or color and we even have manufacturing options that range into the millions of pieces for high volume applications. Looking to get ahead of the competition. Be sure your next product includes VynEL. For more information on incorporating VynEL into your next product, please email or call us at 877.615.6556 or info@ellumiglow.com. 

Heat Bonding VynEL

Heat Bonding VynEL with Iron

Heat Bonding VynEL in OFF position

Heat Bonding VynEL in ON position

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