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Parallel EL Inverters

Parallel EL tape can be run on the same frequency as EL wire, so you can use the same battery packs. About 3 square inches of EL tape or EL Panel uses the same power as 1 foot of EL wire.

When determining the size of the battery pack you need you can easily figure out the square inches of the EL tape you have by multiplying the length of the tape by the width. For example lets say you order a 3 foot length of our Parallel EL Tape which is 7/16" wide. 3 ft = 36 in so Area = Length * Width = 36" * 7/16" = 15.75 sq in. In this cast the standard AA battery pack would be the best fit for a portable set up, while any inverter that can drive at least 15 square inches would work for a permanent installation.

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