1. The History and Differences Between LED Strip Lighting And Laser Wire®

    The first light-emitting diode and laser diode was introduced in the early 1960s. Since then, both lighting technologies have come a long way in efficiency, practicality, and brightness.

    LED Strip lighting has been commercially available for over 15 years, while Laser Wire® has been only on the market just over three years...
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  2. DIY Video Tutorial On Soldering LED Strips

    In this tutorial, Jared shows us how to solder LED Strips properly. Follow along as you use your favorite LED strip lighting and start making some connections!
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  3. Meet VynEL™ :: Flexible, Sewable, Washable Illuminating Lighting Technology

    Looking to make the next great product? Make sure it includes VynEL! The material properties of VynEL make it the only one of its kind, and allows you to Add Light. Anywhere. Whether manufacturing illuminated outerwear or light up sporting goods...

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