Today's product announcement is our first product announcement in the new decade and one that is one of our most exciting in a decade. Meet Pixel-Free LED 360 - A LED Tube Light that truly replaces Neon. It's perfectly diffused from every angle, with ZERO hot spots or light degradation. While the 1910s have seen an enormous huge leaps and bounds in LED technology, and have been able to replace many different lighting technologies from Incandescent Bulbs, Fluorescent Lights, Halogen, and more, one of the most sought after lights that LEDs have tried to truly replace is Neon. Today, we are excited to announce Pixel-Free LED 360. A true Neon replacement.

Pixel-Free LED 360 LED Tube Light

Looking for an way to spice up a design agency, retail space, trade show booth, or any type of architectural element in a unique way? Pixel-Free LED 360 LED Tube Light is your ideal choice.

led tube light

For more information on how Pixel-Free LED 360 or any other LED Strip Light or LED Tube light products can be used in your next project, please call or email us.