EL Paint

EL Paint

Electroluminescent Paint | Lighting Paint

EL Paint (or Lighting Paint) is a paint based lighting solution that uses the same fundamental principals as EL Panels. The main difference is the wild amount of application uses to go along with it. EL Paint can be painted onto nearly any surface; including wood, cement, drywall, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, metal and more. When an inverter applies a charge to the paint, it lights up beautifully. Currently, we recommend using our MEGA EL Inverter series with EL Paint. Using these American-made Inverters will make the paint glow brighter, last longer, and provide endless possibilities of light that never existed before. If you have ever wanted to paint with light, now is your opportunity!

What Is EL Paint? Electroluminescent Paint is a layered process of paint that is sprayed onto various materials with common gravity fed spray guns. 4 different layers of paint go into the application process to allow you to paint with light. When an inverter applies the proper voltage and frequency, it excites the electrodes contained in the paint and lights up! What's amazing about the technology is when a top coat is applied, it hides any trace of the lighting elements. This is especially useful in POP & Retail Displays, Pop up shops, and artistic installations where precise details are key. Different color and transparent paints will give wildly different results, so if you have the desire to paint with light, be sure to email or call us for application tips and tricks.

2019 UPDATE: Lumilor Pro is NOW AVAILABLE!
What is Lumilor Pro?
Lumilor Pro (short for Professional) is a new formulation of EL Paint that is manufactured by Rust-Oleum, a $1 billion subsidiary of global coatings leader RPM International. The VOC content for all layers is <250g/l, tested and proven to pass multiple ASTM standards including;

  • Adhesion ASTM D3359
  • Chemical Testing ASTM 1308 (custom)
  • Impact Resistance ASTM D2794-10
  • Mandrel Bend ASTM D522
  • QUV A ASTM D4587
  • Salt Fog ASTM B117
  • Outdoor Exposure ASTM G7, direct
  • Climate Cycling (custom)

Why Migrate to Lumilor Pro?

Lumilor Pro is more forgiving, has less sag, gives a glossier appearance, levels out after drying, does not shrink, and crack or pull away from tape if heavy sprayed. Looking for a full explanation of the differences between Lumilor and Lumilor Pro EL Paint? Click Here.