We are pleased to announce a new product to the Ellumiglow lineup, meet TruEL™ Wire, a more robust, multi-core wire with endless potential. TruEL™ Wire was created thanks to years of understanding the problems that common EL (Electroluminescent) Wire faced. One of the most common issues among EL Wire installations is due to the fragile nature of the angel hair wires, two small wires threaded inside the cable. In the past, these small wires were necessary for the electrodes to pass current which excited the phosphor particles inside, thus illuminating the wire. We figured out a way to add a second core wire which provides extra strength, improves reliability, provides a wider glow, gives a wider range of driving options which can make it far brighter than common EL Wire, and increases repeated flexing. We also created a new jacketing for the wire, which is made from our proprietary TPU and has much better moisture resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. 

We've found that EL Wire is great for costuming, putting on backpacks, adding some lights to your bike, but it falls short because inevitably the wire has a short lifespan. Installing into cosplay costumes, or theatrical costumes and sets creates an endless stream of problems the more use it gets. That's because the EL Wire is as strong as its weakest link, which are the angel hair wires.  When customers want to spend a little more for a product with infinitly better results, TruEL™ Wire is what you want. 

TruEL Wire a better el wire alternative

Why is this important for you? 

If you have been disappointed with EL Wire in the past due to catastrophic failure in the field, on stage, for events or even long term installations, you are not alone. We created TruEL™ Wire to address these issues not only we faced, but our customers have experienced as well, and we were determined to create a solution. 

What can TruEL™ Wire do that common EL Wire couldn't do? 

Typically when EL Wire is pulled taught over a distance, it's prone to failure. Because the angel hair wires are stretched to their breaking point, and the electrodes become closer together, this causes the wire to "pop" and the angel hair wires cannot take the current. This creates a short in the wire and failure to the strip. Since TruEL Wire has two massive core wires inside, the current capacity and durability over long distances makes it far more suitable for long term use. What's also cool about TruEL cabling is the ability to drive the wire harder than common EL Wire, which means brighter wire than you've ever seen before. For concerts that need a pop of lights for a short term, we've seen TruEL Wire hit over 1000cd/m, whereas common EL Wire maxes out around 150cd/m. 

Why is TruEL™ Wire Better Than EL Wire? 

We took a step back and looked at why EL Wire failures happen. Once we analyzed common patterns among failures, it was evident the overwhelming reason most failures happen was due to the angel hair wires. TruEL Wire addresses the most common reasons for failure by creating a more robust wire that is not reliant on a weak link for the system to operate. What this does in turn is provide a new doorway into exciting new applications that EL WIre was not appropriate for. We can even embed stronger strength members inside allowing hundreds of pounds of pull force. This would allow use for tow ropes, guide lines, and other uses never before able to be used by common EL. 

Where Can I buy TruEL™ Wire? 

We make TruEL™ cabling in custom lengths, as well as in ready made kits. Visit our TruEL™ Wire page for new products today! For customization questions regarding making custom lengths, diameters or help with a project, please contact us by phone or email.