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Split EL Tape Inverters

EL Tape Inverters come in two different types. Split EL Inverters or Parallel EL Inverters. Parallel EL Inverters (or Battery Packs) can run on the same frequency as our Electric Optics EL Wire, so you can use the two interchangeably. One thing to note, when determining the size of inverter, 1/4" wide Parallel EL Tape uses approximately the same power as EL Wire. This will help when determining which Parallel EL Inverter will work best. Split EL Inverters use a higher voltage, but a lower frequency. This means that the EL Tape will glow for a longer period of time (approximately 8,000-10,000 hours as opposed to 5,000-7,000 hours). Great for permanent installations, Split EL Inverters are whisper quiet, stable, and extremely low power consumption. Take for instance, a 1"€ Wide piece of Split EL Tape approximately 110 feet long takes the same amount of power as a standard 60W light bulb.

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