Our sales staff has been asked a countless number of times, how do you make a perfectly diffused LED Light that is slim, flexible, and a neon replacement. Our solution? The 24V Wavelux LED Diffused Strip Light. We think this will make the most impressive, useful LED Strip light of 2017.

Install the Wavelux LED Light Strip into various applications; woods, metals, plastics or even buildings. The soft, natural light allows for a pleasant look and feel, and no hot spots are ideal for high end retailers. By adding multiple pieces inside a tube, you can achieve an exact neon replacement but with all the advantages of LED’s. Long lifespan, low power consumption, eco-friendly non-toxic materials, easy to work with, field cuttable, dimmable and more.

We are excited to show you how many ways the Wavelux Diffused LED Light can work for you. For questions or concerns on your next lighting project, please email or call at: 877-615-6556 or info@ellumiglow.com.

LED Diffusion Strip