Wavelux Caterlight Roadcase

Wavelux Caterlight Roadcase

Wavelux LED Catering Light Kit (Includes 6 Fixtures & Road Case)

Available To Ship February 2024!
Kit Includes 6 Fixtures
Charging Road Case Included!
Battery Operated Wireless Catering Lights
Long Lasting (6-16 hours)
Fully Dimmable
Lights & Arm Adjustable
Availability: In stock
The 2024 Wavelux LED Caterlight Kit is an easy way to order the Catering Light bundle, which includes 6 light fixtures, and the charging road case. The Wavelux LED Caterlight is a top-tier, battery-powered lighting fixture that excels at providing critical illumination in a variety of contexts. Ideal for buffet tables, awards, art exhibitions, weddings, culinary presentations, clubs/bars and more, this product stands out as a valuable addition to any event.

Equipped with three 3W LEDs, this light features an 8-direction movable head, offering absolute command over the fixture's positioning. Further enhancing adaptability is the adjustable arm, facilitating manifold setup configurations.

The exceptional and enduring 3W LEDs have an impressive lifespan of 35,000 hours, ensuring the Caterlight's longevity. Coupled with its high Color Rendering Index (CRI) light output (90+ CRI), this guarantees that your food items, products, art, and more, will maintain their vibrant and authentic colors, enhancing the atmosphere of your event.

This versatile lighting fixture offers fully dimmable light output, enabling you to customize luminosity to perfectly suit your event. For extended battery life, a lower brightness setting can be efficiently utilized to provide all-night illumination.

The fixture incorporates an internal, rechargeable battery, ensuring a runtime varying from 6 to over 16 hours depending on use. Charging is a breeze, facilitated either through a USB-C connection or an optional wireless charging base for an even more convenient experience. This wireless base (sold separately), a value-added feature, supports hassle-free charging by simply positioning the fixture on it. This eliminates the need for plugging in, making it an ideal everyday use light that combines both function and ease. What's even better, is the light can sit on the charging base, while being turned on, so it can be used continuously without worrying about the battery draining.

Included is a brilliantly designed Charging Road Case, that can accommodate and wirelessly charge up to six fixtures at once. All you need to do is place the fixtures in the case and, provided the case is connected to a power source, each fixture will begin charging automatically. This case provides not only convenience for movement between events, but also a straightforward method to store, recharge, and reuse your lighting fixtures night after night. A single exterior input plug allows up to 6 fixtures to charge simultaneously, while placed in the case. No need to plug in each individual fixture, simply drop the lights onto the charging pads inside the case, and once the main power plug is plugged into a standard outlet, all fixtures inside will begin charging.

Equipped with locking wheels, the case remains secure and immobile during transit or storage, ensuring utmost safety. The solid construction of the road case allows it to withstand even harsh transportation conditions, whether over rough terrain or by air.

The case features wireless charging bases neatly integrated into the custom laser-cut foam interior. By placing your fixtures into the case, they commence charging automatically. The road case can be plugged into any 100-250V AC outlet, so it not only works worldwide, but offers the capability to simultaneously charge up to six fixtures. Truly a product designed for ease and efficiency, and perfect for catering or event services, hotels, weddings, artists, bars/clubs, and many more. For volume inquiries, please contact us.
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