LumiCord Kit (10Ft)

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LumiCord is a new product launched in 2014 that takes a page out of old school glow in the dark material, and puts a whole new spin on it. LumiCord is a flexible, soft, durable and bright photoluminescent cord, which offers creative illumination and gives fantastic results in dark environments. What's even more, it doesn't require a battery pack. Sunlight (or UV) light is all LumiCord needs, and it is the longest lasting photoluminesecent cord on the market. Take a look at the video to show how quickly LumiCord is activated!

LumiCord is available in 2 colors, blue and green. Simply select the color using the drop down window.
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Specs In order to experience the maximum possible glow, here are a few important tips for how to charge your LumiCord: 2-Stage Glow Cycle LumiCord has a two-stage glow cycle: first the "pop" and then the "afterglow." The pop occurs directly after charging from a strong UV light source. It is brilliant and fades quickly. Depending on circumstances and environment, most people can expect the pop to last anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. The afterglow is the period of softer, more subtle luminescence that follows the pop. It can be seen all night long in a dark setting, and can sometimes last for several days, but it is not as bright or striking as the initial pop. Remember that you can expose LumiCord to a UV light source at any time to make it pop again and again. Sunlight is Best LumiCord charges from direct exposure to intense UV light. While many light sources can charge your LumiCord, one of the best sources to use for charging is sunlight! Even then, keep in mind that outdoor glow projects will have discharged for over an hour around sunset before it is dark enough to see them glow. Check out our quick video instructions for charging LumiCord with sunlight:
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