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LED Video Wall

High-Quality Digital Wall Displays

LED Video Walls are a fantastic way to create video content as large or as small as you can dream. Perfect for events, retail spaces, pop-up shops and more, let our experts help you in deciding which display choice is right for you. Ellumiglow carries walls from 3mm Pitch (Spacing between pixels) all the way up to 20mm for large events. For instance, a Chauvet PVPX3 which are spaced at 3mm pitch are perfect for retail spaces and window displays where the audience is close to the action.

The age of LED video wall panels just keeps getting better and better, and here at our company, we are and intend to continue to be the best supplier of videowall LED in the lighting industry.

Our digital wall displays are engineered and designed by our teams to provide the best in function and durability.  With our video wall LED displays you can create images to any size you so desire.  This is excellent for big outdoor or indoor events.  The audience will be able to see and enjoy the video with great clarity and dazzling color.  The lighting is so versatile that even small events, pop up shops, schools, government offices, churches, can use our lighting to display whatever video they want.  Ranging from 3mm pitch, which is the distance between pixels to the max of 20 mm for those humongous outdoor or auditorium or stadium events and you won't believe the LED video wall prices.

Select the product for your needs

A good rule of thumb when selecting which pitch is right for your event or venue is to take the pitch (ie. 5mm) and convert millimeters into meters. In this example, a 5mm pitch video wall is great for an audience that is about 5m (or 16ft) away. This makes the resolution of the screen a great quality at your average viewing distance.

Our experts will walk you through the lighting project and pick just the right lighting for your purposes. We'll go over every step and fine tune things so that the lighting you need is the lighting you'll get. If you're unsure of what you want and need, our in-house design and engineering team can provide fast, easy to understand documentation taking the guess work out of any installation or event.

Don't be fooled by competitors that sell knock off panels; our panels are selected based on the project & environment, and meet strict quality guidelines 100% of the time. We always sell video walls in like batches, meaning each LED pixel was produced at the same time. This makes a HUGE difference for the end user, making sure a seamless video image is seen across the board. If we don’t have enough panels in the same batch, we will run a brand new batch to accommodate for even the largest and most professional stages. Competitors will mix and match panels giving you inconsistent results and blemishes, thus affecting the end goal of the installation. For questions or concerns on how we can help with your next video wall, contact our sales team today.

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