EL Tape

EL Tape

Electroluminescent Tape is an amazingly cool lighting product! EL Tape is quickly becoming the most popular new lighting technology with movie studios, nightclubs, retail and trade show displays, architects and more. Its thin and flexible nature makes it easy to install into countless applications, and its even surface requires minimal (to no) diffusion. Our products have a vast range from aerospace to wearables, each with slightly different properties. If you have a custom project in mind and need assistance, our lighting engineers are available to help guide you through every step of the way.

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Throughout our site, you will notice two terms frequently when referring to the different types of EL Tape or EL Panels; Split Electrode and Parallel Electrode. Put simply, Split EL is what you want when designing a lighting system for an airport, hotel, bar, retail, trade show or commercial use, while Parallel EL is what you want for costuming, small signage applications, or small electronic applications.

Split Electrode EL Tape is a brighter, longer lasting system, but also more expensive. Split Electrode runs at a lower frequency (typically 280V-300V at 650-1000Hz) versus Parallel Electrode (typically 100V-240V at 800-1100Hz). It uses a thicker laminate and suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It's made on a reel to reel process which allows for long runs, capable of spanning long distances. This makes it perfect for egress in commercial buildings, or even visible accents for retail or trade show displays. Parallel Electrode EL products and our newest product, VynEL™ are great for applications where you may need custom shapes, sizes and a more cost effective solution for wearables, costuming, cosplay, stage performances and more. One of the benefits of Parallel EL is it runs at the same frequency as our EL Wire. This means you can have EL Wire and EL Tape run from the same battery pack or inverter.

EL Tape is an easy system that consists of 3 elements, the EL Tape, Inverter, and Power Source (Battery or AC Adaptor). Although generally intended for indoor use, EL Tape is also available by special request in a waterproof casing (IP68) which will allow outdoor usage. EL Tape is a wonderful touch to add to any interior or exterior space, try it on your bar, accent rails, hallways, stairs, and anywhere else! EL Tape provides a glow that is easy on the eyes, yet attractive and memorable.

VynEL™ Lighting is a different composition from traditional EL Panels, or Flat Electroluminescent Strips but uses a similar concept. Think of VynEL™ as a light that can be integrated into nearly anything. Its flexible nature allows the product to be incorporated into practically anything from space suits to footwear.