X-Laser Mobile Beat MKV RGB Animation Laser

The new X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB Animation Laser is sure to wow the crowd! Perfect for DJ's on the go, or midsized venues, The Mobile Beat series offers an answer for multi-colored
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The new X-Laser Mobile MKV Beat RGB Animation Laser is the newest RGB version of X-laser's Mobile beat RGB, and is sure to please the crowd! Perfect for DJ's on the go, or midsized venues, the Mobile Beat MKV is the ultimate mobile laser. The MKV offers a brand new pattern set, the X-Laser G1 laser engine that makes beams twice as bright as the last generation with 100% white balance, and a Sweep-Scan, a new wide angle-scanning system that delivers speed boosts approaching ILDA graphics. The Mobile Beat Series is great at punching through high output LED Light and discharge effects, even at distances over 250 feet. 100% USA Legal Laser! Complete with it's own graphics package, useful text messages, seasonal and sporting graphics, this animation laser is ready as a stand-alone unit, or combine with a serious software package.

Combine with the award winning Pangolin Quickshow for spectacular results. From customized phrases, to company logos, this is the laser you can bring to any show.

Mobile Beat Animation Laser Come With: 450 mW RGB Animation Laser, Power Cord, and Instructional DVD.
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Manufacturer X-Laser
Specs Laser Power: 450mW Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta & White
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