X-Laser 2012 Dimension 3D Imaging Laser

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Quite possibly the best laser ever built, the X-Laser Dimension 3D Imaging Laser is the most power packed, Class IIIB laser on the planet. Boasting a HUGE 3 Watts of balanced whitelight laser power, the dimension is built to project in 3D Graphical space...
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Quite possibly the best laser ever built, the brand new for 2012 X-Laser Dimension 3D Imaging Laser is the most power packed, Class IIIB laser on the planet. Boasting a HUGE 3 Watts of balanced whitelight laser power, the dimension is built to project in 3D Graphical space. As you would expect from a laser of this stature, DMX, Sound Activated, Auto, ILDA and even an SD Card reader modes all come standard on this laser, as well as a wealth of other features such as FULLY sealed optical train, FULLY corrected high efficiency optics and a compact form factor. All this with a footprint just bigger than a Par 56.

With 45k Galvo Scanners, and 3 full Watts of PURE RGB power, this laser has to be seen in action to truly appreciate its beauty. Dimension comes with Road Case, 50' ILDA Cable, and Pangolin Beyond SLE Software w/ 3D Tools.

X-Laser Polaris Audience Laser Scanning System
Until now, there has never been anything quite like the Polaris Audience immersion system. Simply put, it safely, and reliably puts audiences INSIDE laser effects, which creates magical environments which are truly immersive. Polaris brings that dream to life by putting the simplest and most affordable FDA compliant audience immersion system in the world into X-laser Skywriter and Defiant projectors (for an additional cost). By combining X-laser’s safety technology to nearly any sized venue, the sky is the limit for lighting designers and producers looking for the next generation laser and lighting effects. Because the system is so scalable, it will quickly scale itself into any sized venue, which virtually eliminates complicated, error prone calculations and measurements that until now had to be done by hand.  It’s the best thing to happen to laser since X-Laser and, especially at its revolutionary price, Polaris makes everything possible.

100% Legal & Very Safe
With proper setup, X-Laser’s Polaris technology offers one of the safest, most immersive laser experiences on the market. More than that, throughout the life of your laser we are committed to helping you ensure that Polaris systems, along with all high powered lasers, can be used safely though great operator training and compliance assistance.

Feel the Power
Previously unimaginable, the Polaris technology allows your audience to be right in the action of the laser system. This allows designers to create visually spectacular worlds for the audience to explore, and gives the effect of a laser many times more powerful than what a standard laser can safely deliver. Polaris launches a new platform in lighting design, laser elements and totally cool nightclub lighting.

Imagine Endless Possibilities
With Polaris Technology countless never-before-seen effects are within your grasp. Can you imagine, for example, a Star Wars ride where tie fighters fire their lasers PAST YOU? We can - and its hugely exciting

• Polaris is not itself a laser but a fully integrated Audience Immersion safety system combining world class hardware, software tools and a simplified setup procedure that can be added to most Skywriter and all Defiant laser platforms.
• Please note that Polaris cannot be added to X-Beam, Dimension, Mobile Beat or X Series laser systems or retrofitted into existing laser projectors at this time.
• Polaris enabled projectors include not only pre-calibrated hardware and outstanding user training but also a complimentary ticket to attend a workshop at X-Laser’s Maryland office to learn how to customize the system for any particular need. X-Laser will also work with you to amend your FDA variance to permit “audience scanning” which is required prior to using the audience immersion system. The projector itself can be used right away if the purchaser already holds a variance until the amendment for audience immersion is approved.
• Each Polaris system will be cleaned and re-calibrated at no extra cost each year for the life of the unit. (Shipping not included)
• Guaranteed to comply with FDA regulations for audience immersion systems.
• Polaris enabled systems are much too powerful for casual use and are intended for professional lighting users, venues and show production companies only. (Designed for production tour companies or permanent install only - not intended for the mobile DJ)

More Information
Manufacturer X-Laser

Dimensions: 16.75" x 11" x 13"

Weight: 37.4lbs
Housing: 6061 Aluminum
Finish: Type II Anodized
Power: 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 3-pin male IEC socket
75 Watts Typical, 100 Watts Peak
3A 250V Slow Blow Fuse


Galvonometers: 45kpps @ 8°, max angle of 45°
Cooling: Filtered forced air, TEC
Control Options: Auto, Sound Active, DMX, ILDA ILD compatible SD Card
DMX: USITT DMX512-A, 13 Channels
ILDA: DB25 with ILDA pass through
Settings Interface: LCD
Ambient Conditions: 60-90°F, ~50% Relative humidity
Color Modulation: Analog
Nominal Divergence: 1.5mRad
Beam Source: DPSS/Direct diode


DVD with Manual, compliance forms, and safety videos
Adjustable flying hardware
IEC Power Cable
Laser Lockout Keys
Beam Block Foil

International Safety: IEC 60825-1 per Laser Notice 50
FDA/CDRH: 21CFR1040.10 and 1040.11 (c)
Canadian Safety: CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
EU Safety: EN 60825-1, EN 60950
EU EITIC: EN 55022, EN 55103-1, EN 55103-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3


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