Commercial DMX EL VynEL™ - TruEL™ Wire Inverter (Powers Up To 150sqin or 150ft)

Commercial DMX EL VynEL™ - TruEL™ Wire Inverter (Powers Up To 150sqin or 150ft)

VynEL™ Flow Thin Label Panel

Apply Integrated Light To Any Garment In Seconds
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The new VynEL™ Flow Thin Label panel is the absolute easiest way to add light to ANY garment or textiles. We're not easily excited (that's not true), but this product makes everyone excited about VynEL™ technology and increased night time safety. The product comes with a heat bonding adhesive on the back, so it's time to bust out your iron (no steam, cotton setting), a flat table or surface and press down firmly for about 20 seconds. Viola, you now have a bonded light to your garment that's machine washable!

Let's get down to what this product is. The VynEL™ Flow Thin Label is a thin size rectangle to add a name (or label) to the back of a jacket, shirt, sweatshirt, and more. It comes with a bonding agent already attached, and the front side has a non-textured (flat) surface. This makes it really easy to take a piece of vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, or even iron on decals, and place right over the top for a simple cosplay costume, Halloween costume, custom running jacket, or any kind of night time fun.

This product is only for the light itself, it does not come with an inverter. If you want to add a compact, and pretty quiet inverter, check out the Mighty Small Battery Pack.

For Clothing shops and other clothing professionals. If you have a heat press, it can make it easier, but it is not required for this product. Seam tape will allow you to make a crimp edge around the outside for a seamless product.
More Information
Manufacturer Future Illuminations
Specs Size: 245mm x 30mm (9.75" x 1.25") Overall Surface
200mm x 10mm (7.8" x .39") Glowing Surface
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