TruEL™ Wire Plug-In Kit  (Multiple Lengths Available)

TruEL™ Wire Plug-In Kit (Multiple Lengths Available)

TruEL™ Wire 4mm Dia - By The Foot

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Introducing the worldwide premier of something special. TruEL™ Wire is a new type of EL Wire that has huge advantages over previous generations.
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Introducing the worldwide premier of something truly special. TruEL™ Wire is a new type of EL Wire that gains huge advantages over any other wire on the planet. First, we removed the small angel hair wires which are prone to shorting, and replaced with a more robust second core wire. This not only enhances the glow, but also allows for a longer lasting product, and even allows the wire to increase the brightness by adding more voltage or frequency to the product. Common EL Wire brightness maxes out around 100-150cd/m (candela per meter), whereas driving TruEL™ cable harder we can increase its brightness to around 300-400cd/m. In some instances where the wire only needs to work for a few days, like at a music festival or art installation, we can increase the brightness to over 1000cd/m.

Second, common Electroluminescent Wire is made from PVC, however we've replaced that with a more robust and eco-friendly proprietary TPU which has better moisture resistance, chemical resistance, durability, UV resistance, heat resistance, and tensile strength!

One of the most common issues with previous styles of EL Wire is that the weakest point of the wire were two small angel hair wires. This meant nearly any application that required movement, pulling taught over distances, or overdriving to increase brightness would cause the angel hair wires to short and the entire light installation would need to be replaced. In costuming applications, the repeated flexing of common EL Wire would make the wire short out almost immediately.

If you would like us to solder a connector onto your bulk TruEL™ Wire order click here.

If we sound excited about this product, it's because we are! This is the most exciting development of EL cabling in history and now opens up the door for so many more applications for the product. To find out more about our exclusive TruEL™ wire, and how you can use it in your next project, please call or email us.

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Manufacturer Future Illuminations
Specs Size: 4mm DIA
Conductor Size: 2x 0.7mm
Jacket Material: Proprietary TPU
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Specification Sheet

Instruction Guide