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SewGlo™ 5m Kit

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The new SewGlo™ 5m Kit is a 5m long piece of SewGlo™ thread in your choice of colors. SewGlo™ illuminated thread is a brand new type of illuminated wire, that can be sewn, stitched, glued and more. It can even be knotted, as the minimum bending diameter is roughly 0.1mm. Now you can sew illuminated accents into just about anything; hats, pants, jackets, shirts, costumes, props, set design and much more. This is a ready made kit that comes with a pre-soldered end with multiple battery pack options.

Both soft and water resistant, SewGlo™ is able to be a 1:1 direct replacement for common thread, only SewGlo™ will provide illumination to anything it is attached to. In the auto industry, making custom logos in seats, arm rests, visors and more, SewGlo™ provides an easy way to add lit decorative benefits for interior accent lighting. In the wearable or smart textile (commonly referred to as “e-textiles”) market, adding luminescent accents to sporting goods, apparel, children’s clothing, backpacks, shoes, hats, or safety gear has never been easier. For stage performances, now lit accents can be added to props, backdrops, scenery, clothing and much more. In the electronics space, adding lighting to mobile phone cases, watches, headphones, glasses and more can add visual effects to commonly used items. It can even be used in medical devices, home décor, patio furniture, umbrellas, tents, to name just a few. The muted colors of SewGlo™ when off allow the product to blend into fabrics completely until illuminated.

We understand the need for SewGlo™ Illuminated thread to be washable. We’ve got your covered! The unique coating on the material is capable of multiple wash cycles (machine wash cold, hang dry). This allows even more uses for the product as it can actually be laundered and treated like regular clothing items!

In this kit, the battery pack options are as follows: the 9V Battery Pack, the Mighty Small AAA Battery Pack, the AA Button Battery Pack and the Sonic Rechargeable Battery Pack. The AAA Battery Pack is the smallest and most compact battery pack option. The Mighty Small AAA Battery Pack is slightly brighter and will last longer. The AA Button Battery Pack allows you to feel the button through clothing and is the tallest of the battery options. The Sonic Rechargeable Battery Pack is a great way to have a reusable, rechargeable battery.

There has never been a better time to illuminate any type of textiles than now! For volume inquiries, please use our Project Submission Page and tell us about your project.

More Information
Specs Length: 5m
Thread DIA: 0.3mm
Brightness: ~70-80cd/m
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