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PolyDeco Bar

This impressive LED bar,comes with 2 RGBW dome LED lights.
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This impressive LED Bar, is the perfect accessory in any modern home or club. Light up your space, and proudly display your drinks. Comes with the 2 RGBW dome LED lights, so the color choices are as diverse as the vibes you're searching for. Many other LEDs use directional beam bulbs, but these two 80 LED dome lights contained produce an even glow similar to a light bulb.This amazing piece not only looks beautiful, but helps to create just the vibe you are looking for. Your home or club is sure to create a lasting impression with a modern accessory like this. Guests will not be able to resist the pull of these astounding lights, and are sure to return for the inexplicable feel that these modern lights create. Turn your bar from ordinary to extraordinary. The bar next door will never be able to outshine you again with furniture like this. All PolyDeco products are made to order and have a ship time of 2-3 weeks!
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Manufacturer Ellumiglow
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