LED Tube Lighting

Hanging Tube Lighting

Due to popular demand, our new LED Tube Lighting section is meant to address the common demands of event, trade show, and retail applications with easy to use products. This includes LED Tube Lighting, LED Matrix Lighting, Ceiling Lights and Rigid or Light Bars.

LED Tube Lighting comes in a variety of diameters, color and color temperatures, and even brightness levels suitable for even new age warehouse or office lighting. Why would you want this in your office? Hanging LED Tube Lights provide light where you need it, without being an eye sore on your environment. They contain high quality LED's that provide very high CRI results (over 90 CRI in most instances), and have extremely long lifespans (over 50k hours). Ellumiglow's LED Tubes are a more economical approach to incandescents or fluorescents when amortized over their lifespan, and provide beautiful flicker-free light wherever you need it. These versatile bars also provide amazing illumination for countless activities, including #LightPainting, Tradeshows, Retail Installations and more.

Matrix Lights are quickly becoming a lighting norm for DIY chandeliers and low profile light panels. The high output of these panels in a small space makes these perfect for ceiling lamps and other modern fixtures. They can make a dark space instantly illuminated with this proprietary, heat-sinked fully functional light. Matrix Lights come with Molex LightTrap connectors which allow you to expand your matrix in length or width seamlessly, and allow bare wires to plug in securely without any special tools.

LED Ceiling Lights are a new spin on something everyone knows. Ellumiglow's ceiling lights are perfectly diffused and work great in office environments, retail spaces and new construction buildings. Instead of bulky par cans, embed or hang our ceiling lights to give a more modern transition into the 21st century. Available in a number of sizes and light outputs, they are made to perform wonderfully in numerous environments.