Pixel-Free LED™ 360° - 2.5M Flexible LED Tube Light

Pixel-Free LED™ 360° - 2.5M Flexible LED Tube Light

Wavelux Hanging Tube Light Pendant Cable

Wavelux Hanging Tube Light Pendant Cable

Pixel-Free LED™ 360° - Flexible LED Tube Light

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  • Unique, Versatile Light
  • Even 360° Diffusion with NO Hot Spots
  • Hang, Mount or Bends
  • Fully Dimmable
  • Diffused, Direct-View Light
  • Smart Home Compatible*
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The new Pixel-Free LED 360° flexible LED tube light is a brand new linear accent lighting product and highly sought after achievement in the lighting industry: creating an even, 360° tube light that doesn't contain hot spots, but flexible enough for numerous applications. This product is meant to truly mimic neon, but contains all the benefits that consumers want. It can be used easily for signage, hotel lobby lighting, commercial lighting, design agencies, or even double as a pendant or hanging tube light. This product is extremely versatile and we encourage you to see this product for yourself. It will NOT disappoint!

The minimum bending diameter of the light is 120mm (4.7"), which makes it great for neon effects, signage, stage and theatrical performances, retail, and much more. Live near the beach? This product is IP65 rated, and resistant to salt water, corrosive gases, acids, UV exposure and more. Let this product be your next go to lighting product for anything.

Due to the unique nature of this tube light, we do NOT recommend cutting this LED. However we are able to custom make direct from our factory at nearly any length (lead time generally 4-6 weeks). When customizing, connector can be placed either at end or come out of the side.

Easily hang vertically for unique pendant lights, or horizontally for flush mount, or even hanging tube light style lights. Easily configure a space all with the same product! 

Create beautiful works of art with light, or let your customers have a new level of interaction. 

Try hooking this product up to our Ambient Series remotes and controllers for full home or business automation. For more information on how this would work, please contact us!

More Information

Size: 25mm DIA x 1000mm (1" DIA x 39")
Size: 25mm DIA x 500mm (1" DIA x 19.5") Voltage: 24V
Power Consumption: 14.4W/m (36W per strip)
CRI: >95
Brightness: 850-950 Lumens per Meter (2125-2375 per strip)
Lifespan Rating: 36,000 Hours
Working Temp: -20~55°C
Storage Temp: 0~60°C
Certifications: UL, CE, RoHS

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