LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

The world sure has changed with the advent of LED Light Strips.  Ambient neon LED strip and bold LED light tape strip lighting are available for just about every event or use case you can imagine.  You can find LED strip lights at gigantic events featuring top celebrities and sports teams, in homes where traditional, expensive lighting is easily replaced by our LED light strips, or even in retail or trade show installations.  You'll find Ellumiglow's high-tech products at the forefront of this industry and for a good reason.  We take pride in developing products we know you'll love, and we love to interact with our customers to give the best possible buying and installing experience imaginable. Looking to buy high-quality LED strip lights? Our knowledgeable staff of designers, Engineers and lighting enthusiasts make us a one-stop shop for all of your linear accent lighting needs for both indoor or outdoor installations. Our products can be found around the globe in retail and pop-up shops, main stages of the biggest festivals, smart homes and more as we love working with our customers to make the perfect installation for any occassion.

We supply high quality LED strip lights that have high CRI ratings and R9 value.  Designers love the attention to high CRI counts (up to 95 currently) in each strip light we produce, as it gives homes, retail spaces, tradeshows and more the professional appearance people love. We look at what our professional clients need and package it so even the at-home customer can use easily and affordably. To add a little flair to a space, the technology packed inside our RGBW and RGBA chips are superior to anything on the market today, providing brilliant colors that can display a wide spectrum of lighting solutions like our Pixel-Free LED Strip Lighting line.

Quality Meets Affordability

Our labs and studios are where our top-notch Engineers and designers work night and day to provide the LED light strip products that stand out from the rest.  You'll stand out too with our LED products and you can rest assured they'll last for years. On average, our light strips are rated for 40,000 hours.  Your retail display, trade show booth, restaurant, store, party, social event, special effects for film and television or even stage plays, will look spectacular when using our lighting.  It's no mistake why people and companies use Ellumiglow when their lighting needs matter; they know that quality meets affordability in numerous lighting products, through our house branded products, Wavelux and Auralux LED products.

LED Strip Lights are becoming a lifeblood of the lighting industry. Providing ambient lighting for events, retail, residential, and commercial applications LED Strip Lights are able to provide brilliant lighting. Ellumiglow supplies only the highest quality LED Strip Lights with high CRI, rich color RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) and RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, and Amber) to display an endless amount of color options and true whites. Our strips are used heavily in the retail and restaurant industries because of the high light output, brilliant rich colors, and extreme efficiency. For custom lighting installations and questions on how Ellumiglow can enhance your next project, contact us at info@ellumiglow.com.