LED Glassware

LED Glassware is perfect for our event coordinators, designers, party planners and nightclubs. This light-up glassware comes in a variety of colors, and makes a huge impact in low-lit environments. You will notice as you look through our LED Glassware, that it is actual GLASS, as opposed to many others which use a cheap plastic or acrylic which can easily be marked. Our classic designs use highly bright LED bulbs to shine through the frosted glass and give the pieces a great glow.

Available in most glassware styles from shot glasses to martini glasses, our LED Glassware is sure to impress the crowd. With it's own internal power supply, this sleek collection is perfect for various customers.

For custom LED Glassware for your next party, contact We have local spaces where we can etch glass to give your next party that lit-up personal touch.
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