Illuminati 17

Smart & Green 17" LED Glow Cube

Illuminati LED Glow Sectional Middle

Smart & Green LED Glow Sectional Middle

Smart & Green LED Glow Sectional Corner

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The Smart & Green LED Glow Sectional Middle is the ultimate addition to your nightlife experience. Transform your nightclub, outdoor oasis, or own back yard into something spectacular. By day, allow your...
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The Smart & Green LED Glow Sectional Corner is the ultimate addition to your nightlife experience. Transform your nightclub, outdoor oasis, or even turn your own back yard into a little slice of heaven. By day, allow your guests to sit in a comfortable soft tropical paradise with modern elements. By night, transform their dreams into a reality with the Illuminati LED furniture that shines brightly and brings a cool glow to the space and atmosphere. Customize the color palette with the choice of solid White Light, Candle Effects, or pick between 160,000 colors, and have a different color showcased every night for years to come! Due to its impressive craftsmanship and simple design, this furniture can be dropped, submerged, and banged around without showing signs of age. This waterproof furniture is perfect for a life in a lobby or public pavilion. This unique seating element can also be great as a decoration for a cabana, or for sitting poolside. submerge the sectional in up to 6 feet of water, and shift its color remotely with the use of a bluetooth compatible device such as a cell phone or tablet. Previous versions of this product would have had to be controlled from a remote called Pebble, but the new and improved versions don't require the use of any additional remote besides a bluetooth compatible device, which means one less thing to carry and one more way your life can be simplified. High impact construction is made possible as well, through the use of a Polyethylene plastic which does not fade, discolor or crack in the sun like other plastics would do overtime. Its strong surface allows for day and night use, and long lasting quality. For larger applications, Email us to find out about our optional cushion program for a customized and polished finished look.

Designed for every type of weather, Smart & Green Furniture may be used both indoors and outdoors. The LED Light is recharged by simply placing it on its base or removing the bulb itself and placing it on the charging station. No special tools are required in order to charge the sophisticated Lithium Ion batteries, which hold a charge on high brightness for 8+ hours. Try pairing with other devices through the downloadable app on your phone, and not only creative color freedom, but have the choice to create custom scenes and patterns and set timers so that the lights can be programmed differently each day, or conserve power by turning off on their own at specific times. Turn the lights on and off, change coloration modes, or select your favorite color, without even getting off your keester. This cube is a great addition to any environment allowing you to create an atmosphere that suits YOU. Size: 96cm x 96cm x 71cm
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Manufacturer Smart & Green
Specs Size: 38" x 38" x 28" (96cm x 96cm x 71cm)
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