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The Smart & Green LED Glow Stone is a wireless, rechargeable, energy efficient and waterproof lantern, perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Able to float delicately on the...
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The Smart & Green LED Glow Stone is a wireless, rechargeable, energy efficient and waterproof lighting solution, perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Use this piece of LED Furniture at your next party or event to turn heads. This sleek design is made to be able to float delicately in water, or be hung from a tree branch for more ambient lighting. Use the LED Glow Stone if your aim is high quality and versatile lighting. Use the stone as a table centerpiece during the day, and turn it on and toss it in the water at night for a lighting solution that is bound to be a focal point, and add to your cool factor.

With White Light, Candle Effects, 12 dynamic built in modes, and thousands of colors to choose from, you can have a different color every night for years to come! Due to its impressive craftsmanship, this stone can be dropped, submerged, and banged around without showing signs of wear or tear. This waterproof lantern is made for a life by the beach, or poolside. Eco-friendly construction and durability are top priorities of this product, High impact construction is made possible with Polyethylene plastic which does not fade, discolor or crack in the sun like other plastics, Its strong surface allows for both day and night use, and each Glow Stone can be fully integrated with your smartphone via bluetooth technology. This makes it easy to switch colors no matter what space you're in, and change colors discreetly, at the click of a button without hauling around a remote.

Smart & Green LED Furniture may be used both indoors and outdoors. The LED Light is recharged by simply placing it on its base or removing the bulb and placing it on the charging station. No special tools are required in order to charge the sophisticated Lithium Ion batteries, which hold a charge on high brightness for 8+ hours.
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