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Smart & Green LED Glow French Tower

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Smart & Green LED Glow Bone

Smart & Green 20" LED Glow Ball

The all new Smart & Green 20" LED Glow Globe is the big brother to the Glow Balls. The 20" Glow Globe is a substantial work of art, and also made of a high end Polyethylene plastic which...
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The all new Smart & Green 20" LED Glow Globe is the big brother to the smaller Glow Balls we sell. The 20" Glow Globe is a substantial sculptural piece of art, or focal point of your space. Like the Glowing LED Ball Furniture, the Globe is also made of a high grade, durable quality Polyethylene plastic which doesn't fade or crack in the sunlight like cheaper PVC based plastics would. This glow globe looks stunning during the day, but really comes to life at night, as you are able to select which color suits you best from virtually unlimited color swatch possibilities. It will most certainly fit with your lighting scheme, giving you over 160,000 colors to choose from. You are surely bound to turn heads with this statement piece, and be in control of your lighting atmosphere and change your lighting with your phone's integrated bluetooth capability. Make your furniture everything you want it to be, and create a dynamic color changing experience for your guests. Be in complete control of the lighting that is around you.

This piece of furniture has the capability to Float delicately on water or land, making it a great accent for almost any situation. The LED Glow Globe diffuses light in a manner that looks great and evenly lit, for many design requirements and architectural spaces. From temperate climates to outdoors near a stream at a wedding reception, the Glow Ball may be used both indoors and outdoors as a bold statement for every occasion. The LED Light is recharged by simply placing it on its base or removing the bulb and placing it on the charging station. No special tools are required in order to charge the sophisticated Lithium Ion batteries, which hold a charge on high brightness for 8+ hours. Don't even worry about the need for a remote, the Glow Globe can hook up directly with the bluetooth on your smartphone, allowing you to turn the lights on and off, change coloration modes, or select your favorite color, without even getting off your keester. This ball is a great addition to any environment allowing you to create an atmosphere that suits YOU.

More Information
Manufacturer Smart & Green

New Bluetooth system with smartphone app replaces remote
100% Waterproof, Shock Resistant, cordless and rechargeable
Can be used indoors or outdoors and on water
Intensity Control
Static Mode: White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Turquoise
Dynamic Mode: 160,000 colors changing automatically
Candle Effect Mode: Flickering Orange or Blue
Injection-molded high-density polyethylene, LEDs
Charging Station Included  

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