Laser Wire®

Laser Wire®

Laser Wire® Cable

Laser Wire® cable is a brand new product that we call the next generation of EL Wire and Fiber Optic Lighting. It has better bending properties, it's brighter and takes less power! What can be better?? It's extremely thin, flexible and provides a brilliant glow (about 4x-10x the brightness of EL Wire), which can even be seen in daylight. It comes in various kits (shown below), and can be purchased in bulk spools upon request.

What is Laser Wire® Cable?
Think of it as a glass tube with the properties of a wet spaghetti noodle that can bend, flex, contour around edges, and is less than 1mm in diameter. The power source is a colored laser shining down a precise glass tube at the micron level. Ellumiglow has developed specific optics that take a typical Laser Diode and focus the light precisely to 0.170mm (170um) allow for even light transmission throughout the cable. The output is a magnificently BRIGHT, evenly illuminated cable that provides a wonderful accent to anything around it. Perfect for retail accents, wayfinding, wearables, safety, accent lighting and artistic elements.

The cable is easy to use, lasts as long (if not longer) than your laser module (typically 7-10,000 hours) and easily replaceable. If the light goes out (unlike EL Wire), the entire line does not need to be replaced, only the laser module itself. This makes it great for permanent installations that EL Wire previously needed to have the whole line replaced. For questions on implementing Laser Wire® System on your next wearables project, to OEM a private #laserwire project, or to find out more information, call or email us.

laser wire integrated inside liquor packaging laser wire integrated onto skateboard

When comparing Laser Wire® systems to Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) or commonly referred to as Fiber Optic Lights, people have said there's not even a competition. Typical POF lighting glows bright for about the first foot, then loses much of its light efficacy as it goes down the line. Even Side Glow Fiber Optic has a sort of halo effect as it passes down the line, and doesn’t really light up from the inside like Laser Wire® cable will glow. Some people that have only seen images of Laser Wire® systems online assume it is a form of POF light. In reality it’s the difference between an old flip phone and an iPhone, and it truly has to be seen to be believed. If you have seen fiber optic clothing before and weren't terribly impressed, wait until you see Laser Wire® clothing. If you have questions on how to implement into your next project, please contact us.
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