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Laser Wire™ Complete Masters Kit Front View

Laser Wire® Complete Masters Kit

Laser Wire® Professional Polishing Kit

With this kit, you will receive a polishing pad, fiber scope and fiber scribe. All the essentials for polishing a custom laser wire connection of your very own. Use this kit to become an expert at making custom lengths of Laser Wire® Cabling.
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With the purchase of this kit, you will be able to polish the end of Laser Wire® Cable on your own, exactly how our Laser Wire® System Professionals do it! This kit will include a polishing pad, a fiber scope and a fiber scribe.

Use a pair of wire strippers to strip the end of the cable jacket away from the central glass core. Slide your FC Connector on the end of it, which can be purchased in our Custom Connection Kit, glue it on with the 2 part epoxy. After that, using fiber scribe will allow you to you score the glass core, and easily break off the excess glass extending beyond the end of the connector. This allows you to cut the end of the glass fiber precisely where you intend to, and cut it close to the end of the FC connector. Once you cut the glass, you are ready to polish down the end of it. Be gentle and careful with this process, this is the most essential part for achieving a vibrant light output. Add water on top of the polishing pad, and you can use it as an abrasive sanding surface to wear down the end of the glass until it is totally level with the end of the connector. The included fiber scope magnifies the end of the connector and shows you how precise you have made the connection. Ideally this connection should appear to be as close to a circle as you can get it, this will in turn allow the most laser light to enter the central core of the strand. If the end of the glass core doesn’t look close to a circle, keep polishing it because the closer you can get it to a circle, the better!

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Manufacturer Future Illuminations

Fiber Scribe: 13.97 cm (5.5in) length. Diameter of .76cm (.30in) 

Fiber Scope: Uses 2x AA Batteries (not included) 3 built in magnifications with an on/off switch and focus dial. 

Polishing Pad: 16.51cm (6.5in) width x 22.86cm (9in) length.


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