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Laser Wire™ Custom Connection Kit Top View

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Laser Wire® Custom Connection Kit

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This Custom Connection kit comes with 5 FC Connectors, and a two part epoxy that can be used to customize the length of your Laser Wire® Cabling and make it any length that you would like! Pair this ...


This custom connection kit is great for those who want to go more in depth and hands-on with our line of Laser Wire® Products. With this kit you will learn how to make connections on the cable on your own. The kit comes with 5 FC Connectors and a specific 2 stage epoxy glue that our experts have found works perfectly without causing damage to our Laser Wire® cabling. Use wire strippers to remove the outer jacket from your Laser Wire® cabling, then you can feed the small glass core through the end of one of your FC Connectors. Use the 2 part epoxy to lock your wire into place at exactly the right length for any application. As long as you take care of the glue, it will last for multiple connections in the future! Follow up this process with trimming down the end of the exposed glass core that extends beyond the connector, gently polish it so that the core becomes flush with the top of the FC Connector.

Make sure to check out our Laser Wire® Professional Polishing Kit if you haven’t purchased it before. It will be of benefit to purchase the Polishing Kit, or to get a Masters Kit if it will be your first time making your own connections. This product, when combined with the Polishing Kit, will include everything that you need to make precisely polished terminations to your Laser Wire® cabling, just the way our Laser Wire® Professionals do it!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Future Illuminations

(5) FC Connectors: 1cm Diameter (.39in) by 2.38cm (.94in) Inner Diameter is 230 µm

(5) Boot Caps for Connectors: Conical Shaped Tube 3.18cm (1.25in) length. Inner Diameter is 900 µm 

Fast Drying Resin Based Epoxy: One 10g tube of resin and one 10g tube of hardener.


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