Club Sound Systems

A heavy bass line is the first thing that comes to mind when clubs are mentioned because every club is only good as its sound system. If your subs can’t blow the skirt off some hottie as she’s walking past, she won’t come in. PERIOD. A good club sound system is essential, and is one of the biggest limiting factors for many clubs. Your club can only reach a certain point with a mediocre sound system. In a club it is all about the music. People come to a club to get down with their friends, and you can’t get down if you can’t feel it in your bones. Only a powerful club sound system allows the bass to resonate in your chest cavity. This is an important factor to consider because it involves multiple senses, which allows for deeper immersion with the music, and really helps people put there bass face on.

A powerful sound system also helps off the dance floor, by making every conversation more private and intimate. A good sound system makes leaning in close to be heard necessary, and charges the environment with a sense of urgency and power. People love being in an environment that sounds festive and loud, and enjoy being immersed in an experience. And delivering an extraordinary auditory experience is expected of any top notch club, because there reputation depends on it. So defend your own or take down the competition with an amazing club sound system. Nothing else allows that bass drop shock and awe like a few fatty subs, some nice amps, and an outstanding speaker setup. We have a variety of speaker sizes and options available for any sized club or venue, and can help your club sound system pack a powerful punch and perhaps move up a weight class or two.
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