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LED Wash Lights

LED Wash Lights are a perfect way to make your club completely unique and customizable. Led Wash Lights and wall washers set the ambiance or vibe in your club, and are important to not only attract patrons but keep them visually occupied while in your venue. Whether you use a cool blue, energetic green or sensual red, it is always nice to be able to completely transform your club at the drop of a hat with little to no effort, and DMX controllers combined with LED wall washers allow you to do just that. You can use LED wash lights to throw a wide and even patch of light on walls or dance floors. This essentially allows you to turn any flat surface into a canvas for expressing the feel you are trying to instill in your club. LED wash lights are powered by LEDs rather than a halogen or filament source, allowing them to last much longer while using only a fraction of the energy. This saves money while using a far superior lighting technology, and will give your club, bar, restaurant; you name it a very bright and modern look, and appeal to a much broader audience. Bathe your audience in a mesmerizing light, and consciously control the mood in your venue. With a very low maintenance cost and power consumption LEDs are a good choice for keeping overhead low while still maintaining a bright and festive atmosphere. A wide range of flexibility and color choice allows your club to be completely transformed instantaneously, allowing you to set the appropriate mood for any event your club is throwing. The long life and a state of the art look and feel allows you to have some peace of mind when switching to LEDs, knowing that your lights will last and will not easily be surpassed by new technology on the horizon, since LEDs are the future of lighting.

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