What is VynEL™ Lighting?
VynEL™ has a similar look to an EL Panel, but is more flexible, durable, easier to integrate, and even brighter. When comparing VynEL™ lighting to a traditional flat electrolumienscent structure, VynEL™ will actually glow from both sides, whereas a common EL Panel or EL Tape will only illuminate on the top surface. In some applications like wearable lighting, VynEL™ is the perfect solution because it will take the shape of the fabrics used. It can be heat bonded into textiles making it a perfect choice for safety gear, athletic wear, outdoor products, tradeshow exhibits, costuming and more. It's even machine washable, so it can be used in garments that need regular maintenance. VynEL™ lighting provides active illumination for safety, and outerwear industries. 

Are VynEL™ Panels customizable?
VynEL™ is sold on Ellumiglow.com in set sizes, however for larger volume applications, we can customize nearly any aspect of the lighting for wearables or other markets. From custom shapes and sizes, to backlit logos, we have a custom lighting design team based in Portland, Oregon, with production facilities in China and Taiwan to help facilitate even the largest projects. There has never been a better time to integrate lighting into wearables and we want to work with you and bring more light to the world. For more information on VynEL™ Lighting, visit: http://vynel.tech and for custom lighting inquiries using VynEL™ lights, please contact us at: info@ellumiglow.com or 877.615.6556.

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