EL Wire

EL Wire

Ellumiglow continues to lead the EL revolution and continues to expand upon Electroluminescent technologies. Much of the previous EL Wire technology has been relying on past technologies that hadn't been improved upon since the 1990's. Ellumiglow has brightened the technology to new levels, not only increasing the brightness and efficiency, but also increasing longevity of the product, making it safer, and even more eco-friendly. Today, we are proud to announce the next step in catapulting EL Technology and introduce the world premier of TruEL™ Wire - the way EL Wire should be. 

One of the most common issues with common EL Wire is the small angel hair wires that short out easily at the connection area, with repeated flexing, or damage easily on impacts. We've replaced TruEL™ Cabling with two silver/copper cores which provide strength, durability, and allow the product to be made brighter than any other EL Wire available, ANYWHERE. This allows the product to be stepped on, flexed, pulled and continues to glow. A HUGE advantage from anything currently on the market. Next, the common PVC sleeve that EL Wire is known for which dries out and colors in sunlight we've replaced with a proprietary TPU. Our TPU jacketing has FAR better moisutre resistance, chemical resistance, durability, UV resistance, heat resistance and even tensile strength over common EL Wires. 

Ellumiglow also makes the highest quality EL Inverters on the market. This allows your EL products to not only shine brighter, but last longer as well! We use only the highest quality components to make long lasting, robust inverters. Making sure to buy quality inverters are important to having long lasting EL products.

Want to learn some best practices on EL Wire? We put together a handy guide to help get the most out of your EL Wire project the first time. If you have any questions or have custom EL Wire requests, please contact us!

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