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VynEL™ Badge Panel Light - Vibrant Blue

VynEL™ HD Badge Panel Light

VynEL™ HD Sphere Panel Light

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The new VynEL™ HD Sphere Panel Light is the release of VynEL™, round form! The Sphere Panel light is a 4" circle made of our standard VynEL™ panel which is a remarkable light strip that allows you to ADD LIGHT.ANYWHERE.
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The new VynEL™ HD Sphere Panel Light is the release of VynEL™, round form, now available with an instant bond formula, in addition to available in white and teal blue! The Sphere Panel light is a 3.5" DIA (Lit surface) circle made of our VynEL™ HD material which is a remarkable light panel with a neat texture that allows you to ADD LIGHT.ANYWHERE. Its extremely flexible nature allows for a multitude of uses, from wearables, consumer goods, sporting goods, safety and much more. The size of this product 3.5" Dia (glowing surface) makes it an ideal choice for shirts, jackets, backpacks and more.

The VynEL™ HD (Heavy Duty) product line is wonderfully versatile product meant for numerous applications. It has a super cool textured finish (which we love) and meant to be used in heavier duty applications, like outerwear, sporting goods, or outdoor products. Our new VynEL™ Flow is a lighter weight product with a bit of a stretch, more suitable for activewear or performance fabrics. The new product comes in either White or Vibrant Blue. The new White has a white ON AND OFF in appearance!

This product is just the light strip itself and does not include an inverter. We recommend using the quietSonic Rechargeable Battery Pack Inverter which powers up to 6 VynEL™ Sphere panels simultaneously, in parallel. Sphere panel has a female EZ Snap Connector on end. On the backside, we've added our standard heat bonding material, so all you have to do is take an iron or heat press to this, and it magically bonds light directly to your clothing or fabric... Voila!
What is VynEL™?

VynEL™ derives from EL Tape or Electroluminescent Tape, but has additional properties which provide a multitude of uses. VynEL™ is extremely flexible, which makes it take the shape of any number of products. From fabrics, textiles, walls, and more, VynEL™ allows for an integrated light just about anywhere you see fit. The bending radius is a mere 5mm, which is about 10x better than typical EL Tape. Next, application is simple. For fabrics or textiles, it can be sewn or heat bonded directly into fabrics. Because we've removed the stiffer metal backing that EL Tape typically has, it allows the product to take the shape of other objects, not the other way around. It's waterproof in nature so it's capable of being worn, or placed on any number of objects.
Does VynEL™ Need An Inverter?
Yes. At its core, VynEL™ is still an Electroluminescent product, and it needs a high frequency to make it work. The way we've designed the materials, allows VynEL™ to be powered from Parallel EL Inverters.
Why Use VynEL™ over a regular EL Panel?
VynEL™ gives you the ability to integrate lighting into countless applications; Tents, sporting goods, athletic wear, and more.

More Information
Manufacturer Ellumiglow
Specs Overall Measurement: 115mm (4.5") DIA
Lit Surface: 98mm (3.5") DIA
Lifespan: 5,000-7,000 Hours
No Heat Lighting
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