EL Inverters

Electroluminescent Inverters

ALL Electroluminescent material needs an inverter to make it work, whether EL Wire, EL Panels, EL Tape, or EL Paint. What an EL Inverter does is convert a voltage into a high frequency. In doing so, it excites the phosphor particles inside the EL Material and glows a brilliant glow. EL Inverters are all tuned for a specific sqin or amount of EL material, so be sure to select an inverter that is capable of handling the Electroluminescence. For information on how to make custom inverters for a specific project, please email or call us. We work with numerous companies to bring their lighting needs to market, and are the best choice in finding a knowledgeable, reliable, lighting source.

When working with EL Paint, making sure to have a high quality inverter will mean the difference of lighting up beautifully and reliably, versus not glowing at all. Many Chinese inverters on the market today do not have the capacity of lighting up EL Paint effectively, so make sure to call or email us when searching for the appropriate EL Paint Inverter.

MEGA EL Inverter