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Astrophotography 8" Circle EL Panel Kit

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Fits Up To 8" DIA Telescopes
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The Astrophotography 8" Circle Flat Frame Kit is a great, portable solution to take flats in the field. The even light distribution allows photographers to easily create subframes to take out the noise produced by ambient light and other environmental factors.

Often times, photographers using this kit want a thin piece of frosted acrylic to help diffuse the light evenly. Now you can add this acrylic to the kit by selecting on the drop down window. Depending on customer's setup, sometimes the phosphor particles (which is part of granular nature of EL Technology) can be seen due to the power of the scope. We recommend adding the acrylic to help reduce the granular effect, and it also helps soften and even out the light. This makes the light a nice natural white light which is not too cool (blue) or warm (yellow). Using the drop down windows, you can easily customize the kit exactly the way you want. Add a second piece of acrylic to sandwich the panel for extra durability in the field. You can customize the inverter options to plug into your scope's 12v output, or use battery options or AC powered plug in options. Choose the kit that's right for you!

Our new '22 and newer kits come with a handy scratch resistant carrying sleeve which will help clean the acrylic surface before taking your flats, and it also doubles as a way to store your panel safely in your gear bag!

This kit has a number of options to best suit your individual needs. First, choose between one or two pieces of frosted acrylic. This piece is typically meant to be installed on the front side of the panel, and you can use a thin bead of clear glue on the outer edge of the panel where your finger meets touches the outside edge of both pieces. PRO-TIP: Do not add glue on the TOP surface of the panel (where it illuminates). This can cause shadowing and may prevent an even light illuminating the surface.

Second, the kit comes with various inverter options. The standard 9V Battery Pack + Inverter combo is a simple standalone solution that has a brightness adjustment wheel to easily select the required brightness. The 12v Inverter options uses our Mondo 12V EL Inverter which also has a brightness adjustment knob, and allows for fine tuning of the brightness. You can either purchase this inverter as a standalone inverter and plug into your existing on-board 12v output, OR you can purchase with additional power options like the rechargeable 12v battery, or AC Adapter. Lastly, we recently added an option for a new PWM dimmable inverter. This new PWM Inverter is a dimmable inverter which requires a microcontroller or other PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) devices in order to dim the inverter. Oftentimes, customers purchase this inverter when they have software or other control systems (Arduino, etc) that allow the inverter to be controlled externally. The PWM inverter does not have its own brightness adjustment knob.
More Information

Total Lit Panel Area: 50.3 Sq In

Lit Panel Area LxW: 8″ x 8″

Overall Panel Dimensions: 8.24″ x 8.24″ x 0.012″

Thickness: 0.012″

Color: UV Fade Resistant White

Weight: 0.704 oz.

Printed Tail Dimensions: 0.8″ x 0.325″

Connector and Wire Description: 4″ Wire with 2-position JST connector

Brightness: @100V/400Hz 11.7 ft-L

Inverter Options:

9V Battery Pack Inverter: Takes 1 9V Battery (Not Included)

12V Mondo EL Inverter: ~500mA Consumption

12V PWM Inverter: ~400mA Consumption

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