Astrophotography 6

Astrophotography 6" Flat Frame EL Panel Kit - NEW 2022 VERSION

Frosted Acrylic Disc For Round EL Panels (Multiple Sizes Available)

Frosted Acrylic Disc For Round EL Panels (Multiple Sizes Available)

Astrophotography 15" Flat Frame EL Panel Kit - NEW '22 VERSION

As low as $199.99
Plug & Play Ready
Adjustable Brightness Inverter Options
Now Comes With Scratch Resistant Carrying Sleeve
Fits Up To 15" DIA Telescopes
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The new 15" Astrophotography Flat Frame Kit is a new kit for 2022 due to popular demand, for clients with larger telescopes like Celestron, Meade, or many others. The larger size of the illuminated surface covers up to 15" DIA telescopes, and provides an upgraded panel, connection, and materials to its predecessor.

Our new '22 and newer kits come with a handy scratch resistant carrying sleeve which will help clean the acrylic surface before taking your flats, and it also doubles as a way to store your panel safely in your gear bag!

This kit has a number of options to best suit your individual needs. First, choose between one or two pieces of frosted acrylic. The first piece that is included is typically meant to be installed on the front side of the panel. PRO-TIP: When mounting to the acrylic, make sure to push all air bubbles off the panel surface with a squeegee to prevent shadowing. The second piece of acrylic is meant to sandwich the panel between two pieces of acrylic for maximum durability.

Second, the kit comes with various inverter options. The standard 9V Battery Pack + Inverter combo is a simple standalone solution that has a brightness adjustment wheel to easily select the required brightness. The 12v Inverter options uses our Mondo 12V EL Inverter which also has a brightness adjustment knob, but the knob allows for a little finer tuning of the brightness. You can either purchase this inverter as a standalone inverter and plug into your existing on-board 12v output, OR you can purchase with additional power options like the rechargeable 12v battery, or AC Adapter.
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Manufacturer Ellumiglow
Specs Total Size: 15.55" DIA Lit Size: 15" DIA Inverter Input: 12V DC Current: 500mA
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