Split Tape Connector (Indoor Grade)

Split Tape Connector (Indoor Grade)

Split EL Tape 9V Battery Pack - 0-33sqin

The Split EL Tape 9V Battery Pack is one of our favorite battery packs for Split Tape...
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The Split EL Tape 9V Battery Pack is our favorite battery pack for Split Tape... Well, it's our only one, but that's because we love it so much! It's really well built, has a blink mode and constant on function and powers quite a bit of tape for it's small size. It's durable, lightweight and we can't say enough about this pack.

To figure out if this is the right pack for you, simply calculate the total sqin of the tape you are using, and add it up. Anything between 0 and 33sqin will glow will full brightness off of this pack. To find the square inches simply multiply the width of tape by number of feet, then multiply by 12. Each inverter is meant to power certain square inches of tape, which not only keeps your electroluminescence glowing at it maximum potential, but it also keeps the energy used extremely low.

Electroluminescent technology is the least expensive lighting source to run on the planet per foot, even cheaper than LED Lights, Neon Lights, Fluorescents and more. It is also the only "no heat" lighting source on the planet, which makes EL technology safe for many applications.

Split EL Tape Inverter powers: 0-33sq in of Split EL Tape

More Information
Manufacturer Light Tape
Specs Power 0-33sqin of Split EL Tape
Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
Input: 9V DC
Output: 1kHz
Product Video N/A
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