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6 Foot Ready-Made Sound Active EL Wire Kit

Electric Optics 5.0mm Vibrant Blue EL Wire

Ellumiglow 5.0mm Vibrant Blue EL Wire

Electric Optics 5.0mm Magnetic Green EL Wire

Electric Optics Magnetic Green 5.0mm EL Wire (Sold By The Foot)
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Electric Optics Magnetic Green (Sold By The Foot) 5.0mm EL Wire is the newest edition to the Electric Optics family. The 2011 5.0mm EL Wire looks like a rope light when on, but doesn't have the gaps that a typical LED Rope Light will have. Magnetic Green has a bright lime green appearance when not lit, but has an electric green shine when lit. One of the coolest colors out today! The new 2011 wire is twice as thick as the 2.6mm wire and looks the part. The casing has a slight opaque appearance throughout the wire which allows an even shine throughout the wire. 5.0mm wire in the past has not has a clean uniform light throughout and suffered brightness. This wire is nothing like that, and is just bright. In fact, it looks just like a neon sign. An eco-friendly alternative to NEON! If you would like us to add a custom connector for you click here.
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