Laser Wire® Patch Cord Kit

Laser Wire® Patch Cord Kit

Laser Wire® 5V PWM Dimming Board

Laser Wire® 5V PWM Dimming Board

DualDrive 15M ACCENT Laser Wire® Kit

  • Bright, Even Illumination
  • Silent Operation & Rich, Vibrant Color Gradients
  • Externally Controllable (Capsule)
  • Easily Embed Light Into Woods, Metals & Plastics
  • Portable Power Designed For Wearables (OpalDrive)
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The purchase of a DualDrive Laser Wire® Systems allow you to run long lengths of Laser Wire® cabling thanks to the specifically designed Accent profile. This kit is an ideal solution for any project that demands a long length of With Laser Wire™ Cabling. Your unique vision can stand apart from the rest, especially when comparing the even illumination of Laser Wire® systems to side emitting fiber optics. DualDrive Laser Lighting Solutions allow the user to create unique color gradients along the full span of the cabling. We like to call Laser Wire® Products the future of EL Wire. A Laser Wire™ System is everything that EL Wire is, plus so much more. It is also completely silent in operation, so you don’t have to worry about the high pitched humming sound emission from an Electroluminescent inverter anymore. Laser Wire® Systems offer an increased brightness and durability that Electroluminescent technology can’t match.

Dual Drive Laser Wire® Kits let you choose your favorite color combinations as well as single color options. By adding different color modules on each end, this longer Laser Wire® kit will allow a wide range of color mixing, between any two colors. When comparing to the POP profile, the ACCENT profile won't be quite as bright, but will allow you to run longer spans. If you wanted to increase the brightness of the entire line, we highly recommend using the 70mW modules with this kit. Using a Red and Blue module allows for a unique Red-Pink-Purple-Blue gradient that is brilliant. Blue and Green modules combined allows for a beautiful Blue-Aqua-Seafoam-Green gradient, and Red and Green modules combined gives fun Red-Orange-Yellow-Green gradients. This is something never seen before, and a highly desirable effect in the lighting world. Laser Wire® technology will leave you in awe each time you turn it on. We have recently revamped the Laser Wire® Modules so read on below to find the perfect laser module for you.

The OpalDrive Wearable Module includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery which stays powered for up to 6 hours on a single charge (blinking/red). With 3 modes, blink, fade and constant on, the OpalDrive Wearable Laser Module is an all-in-one solution for event, trade shows, retail applications, costuming, consumer products and much more! This module can also be recharged with a micro-USB device, like Power Bank type battery for even longer lasting charge. For the longer lengths (like this 15M kit), the OpalDrive module may not be applicable to your application, unless you MUST have the integrated battery in your module.

Estimated Battery Runtime For OpalDrives varies depending on the color. Each color draws a different amount of power. On a Full Battery Charge, the time you can expect it to illuminate before needing to be recharged is as follows:
Blue - 2-4 hours
Green - 2-4 hours
Red - 3-6 hours

For those who can use wall power or an external battery, the Capsule Module is perfect for you. The Capsule Module is a perfect module if you are looking to plug in your Laser Wire® to a 5V source, like wall outlet, laptop, car, or a portable power bank battery. This type of module will run in constant ON mode when it is hooked up to power. It's smaller than our OpalDrives, lightweight, compact and easy to use. This module has more heat sinking than the OpalDrive so we find that if using in Retail or Trade Show Displays, or for long periods of continuous use, the Capsule Module is a great fit. The biggest difference between the OpalDrive and the Capsule Module is that the Capsule module doesn't have an internal battery. Both Laser Modules will be the same color and brightness. Capsule Modules are externally controlled via PWM, and can be hooked up to LED DMX Decoders for easy external dimming.

Both choices of Laser Modules are awesome, so choose the best fit for your application. Simply select the laser module type you wish to use in the drop-down menu before adding the product to your cart!

More Information
Manufacturer Future Illuminations

Cable Length: 15m (~49ft)

Cable Dia: 0.9mm (900um)

Opal Drive Dimensions: 65x24x12mm 
Capsule Dimensions: 50mm x 14m DIA (500mm Cable Length) with USB Male A
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Output Voltage: 3.7V DC
Laser Power: 20mW
Laser Class: Class 3a (No USA Variance Required)

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