Commercial Series Split EL Tape Inverter - 200-1100sqin

Our newest Electric Optics 2012 EL Tape Inverters use brand new technology and power your 2012 Electroluminescent Tape perfectly. Simply select the number...
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Our newest Electric Optics Split EL Tape Inverters use brand new eco-friendly technology and power your Split Electroluminescent Tape perfectly. The new eco-friendly commercial series inverters use an intelligent drive package which powers an enormous amount of Split EL Tape in a compact and lightweight package. It also achieves efficiencies of up to 91% and near zero audible noise. Ultra high efficiency is made possible through the combination of low loss resonant switch mode technique and industry best components. This model is the first DMX capable Electroluminescent inverter on the planet!

Simply select the number of square inches of tape purchased, then find the corresponding inverter. To find the square inches simply multiply the width of tape by number of feet, then multiply by 12. Each inverter is meant to power certain square inches of tape, which not only keeps your electroluminescence glowing at it maximum potential, but it also keeps the energy used extremely low.

Electroluminescent technology is the least expensive lighting source to run on the planet per foot, even cheaper than LED Lights, Neon Lights, Fluorescents and more. It is also the only "no heat" lighting source on the planet, which makes EL technology safe for many applications.

2012 EL Tape Inverter powers: 200-1100sq in of EL Tape
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