In terms of lighting products, VynEL is one of our favorites right now, and simultaneously it is one of the most cutting edge products when it comes to the world of lighting technology. Since VynEL is such a new and innovative product, it is always growing, becoming better than before. 
An area we have seen a lot of growth and potential for VynEL lately is the use of lighting in film making. Lighting in film has always been important, but VynEL adds a whole new dimension, and a way to integrate light into special effects costuming like never before. Illuminated costumes allow characters to come to life, opening up a multitude of opportunities to add light into the clothing without extensive special effects and video editing processes. This is a great way to simplifie things for your creative team and streamline your movie making, cohesion and consistency, amd time management. Anything you want to illuminate can become an easily attainable reality with VynEL. It is also waterproof, and our standard versions can hold up for at least 10 wash cycles before it starts to damage the panels. VynEL is sewable and able to heat bond into fabrics as well. This makes VynEL Electroluminescent Lighting technology a great solution for illuminating hollywood sets, action or character props and uniforms. But there are also so many other ways to use VynEL to support and enhance the story and vision you want to create. You can use it as an accent light, or you can also put it on a pulse/blink mode depending on your desired effect. Custom programming and DMX is also compatible with VynEL.
VynEL Splash is our waterproof profile, and it can be submerged in water! We could see this being amazing to use for undersea animations, or to bring life to a mermaid tail. We also have a VynEL Stretch Profile that is well suited for active wear and athletic fabrics. An advantage of Stretch VynEL is that it can contour more well to a form, and it can integrate into fabrics that move with the human body, or objects that will be bending and morphing. The options are virtually endless with this Electroluminescent material and we can't wait to see what you create once you get your hands on it! Our team is here to help if you have any questions, or if you need help bringing your creative vision to life! Anything from creature suits and animatronics, to cosplay and props for character design, we've got you covered! 
Get in touch with us if you need your VynEL to withstand more wash cycles, or if you want to create something custom! 
tron costume made with vynel lighting