Over the past year, we’ve been thrilled to enhance and develop the Laser Wire™ system to make it something special for tons of different applications. As we’ve been finalizing our OpalDrive Laser Module, we’ve found some awesome uses already that is sure to get noticed in more than one way.  Typically, the Laser Wire™ works by shining OpalDrive down one end of the wire, and it lights up the line beautifully. Well, what happens when you want 2x the brightness, or different colors, you ask???

If you want double the brightness on any line, simply hook up an OpalDrive to the opposite end to pack a serious punch to your wire, without having to sacrifice any safety concerns. Because our OpalDrive has the ability to fade and blink, putting a different colored module on the opposite end of your wire allows you to unlock the full potential of Laser Wire. Unique gradients, awesome colors, brighter wire, and attention grabbing effects are just a few examples of the awesomeness that everyone is about to appreciate. No other lighted wire in the world can boast these kind of effects. 

Here’s a few examples of our recent excitement. 

Laser Wire Gradient Green, Orange & RedLaser Wire Gradient Blue Pink & Purple