This Week In Lighting, Justin shares some of the newest lighting technologies in the accent world. White Laser Wire, which is a thin, optical glass that lights up wonderfully is the first thin lighted wire that shines in a cool white hue. This magical color really has never been seen in the lighting world until now. 

Next up, RGBW (Red, Green, Blue and White) and RGBA (addition of Amber) bulbs allow greater color mixing and better white tones. RGBW can even provide a CRI index of over 90 with the addition of the White LED. This makes it great for Retail, Food Service, Point of Purchase, Architectural, and even Trade Show booths. 

Finally in TWIL, we share the newest Electroluminescent inverters on the market. Made with high quality US made components, Ellumiglow manufacturers the highest end EL Inverters in the world.