lighted wire

  1. VynEL Application Guide

    So…you’re looking for a way to add some snazzy, flashy bling to your next wearable project, costume (and bicycle if you’re in Portland) and you’ve decided that plain old glitter and streamers isn’t going to cut it anymore. Perhaps you’ve even tried using readily available EL Wire or LED lights, and found them to be too dim, too fragile, or not flexible enough for costuming and custom garments...
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  2. The History and Differences Between LED Strip Lighting And Laser Wire®

    The first light-emitting diode and laser diode was introduced in the early 1960s. Since then, both lighting technologies have come a long way in efficiency, practicality, and brightness.

    LED Strip lighting has been commercially available for over 15 years, while Laser Wire® has been only on the market just over three years...
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  3. Unlocking The Full Potential Of Laser Wire™

    Over the past year, we’ve been thrilled to enhance and develop the Laser Wire™ system to make it something special for tons of different applications. As we’ve been finalizing our OpalDrive Laser Module, we’ve found some awesome uses already that is sure to get noticed in more than one way. 

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