el wire

  1. Introducing Tinko :: A Revolution In EL Inverter Technology

    One of the most common complaints we hear about EL Wire is not necessarily the wire itself, but the inverters. Nearly every el wire inverter or battery pack that has been made to date uses a very high frequency
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  2. Unlocking The Full Potential Of Laser Wire™

    Over the past year, we’ve been thrilled to enhance and develop the Laser Wire™ system to make it something special for tons of different applications. As we’ve been finalizing our OpalDrive Laser Module, we’ve found some awesome uses already that is sure to get noticed in more than one way. 

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  3. White Laser Wire - The Moment Many Have Waited For

    Long has the world of lighted wires longed for a true white color, and we’ve finally made it! Brilliant in all its glory, the new White

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  4. Laser Wire is Coming

    Laser Wire by Fibrance is a new laser-based wire that lights up bright like LED’s, but has an even illumination, similar to EL Wire...

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  5. Introducing Laser Wire

    We are happy to introduce the worldwide release of our new product, Laser Wire. It's a revolutionary new product that is soon to replace many EL Wire applications as we know it.

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