While we love the look of Neon, many of the other aspects of Neon make it unsuitable for our use. At Ellumiglow, we pride ourselves on advanced lighting technologies that have a positive impact on the environment. Which is why we are passionate about Electroluminescence, LED and Laser based lighting technologies. Many of our clients ask for a neon look, but without the use of Neon, and we're happy to announce the debut of Pixel-Free LED. A hybrid lighting technology that gives a neon look, but is easy to work with, flexible and customizable, and can even change colors (with RGB version). 

Pixel-Free LED takes the technical know-how out of glass, working with toxic gases, heat dissipation, and more and lets you focus on creating beautiful designs. Gone are the days of seeing harsh pixels and bright spots, and its time to usher in a new breed of lighting that's pleasant to look at, we like to call, direct view lighting. For details on how to incorporate lighting into your next project, or for questions on wholesale opportunities, please contact us at info@ellumiglow.com or call 877.615.6556.